The holidays are here and Garlic Gods has the garlic for all your cooking needs

   Each box also includes 3 large roasting bulbs that will complete any charcuterie board. 

Pair with cured meats, fruit, cheese, fig jam and crusty bread to create

the perfect culinary assortment and appeal.

All holiday boxes include 1/2 pound of different varieties of gourmet garlic.  Add additional roasting garlic bulbs or create the perfect gift by adding specific garlics that appeal to your pallet

    We have three different garlic gift box

     options for all of your holiday cooking needs.

Farm Fresh Garlic

Gourmet garlic that is grown, harvested, cleaned, and packaged on our farm and sent directly to your door

Unique Gift the Home Chef

Imagine all the flavors that different varieties of garlic will inspire in the home chefs of your life





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