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Garlic Gods Ships Specialty Garlic to Your Door

Garlic Seed Starting at $8.00

Things you should consider when placing your

 seed garlic order

  • The amount of garlic you will be able to grow from your garlic seed will typically be 4-12 times the amount that you plant. 

  • Depending on how much garlic you use in your kitchen, 1-5 pounds of seed will produce enough culinary garlic for a family for a year.  

  • We encourage you to use the garlic with the shorter storage life first; hardneck varieties generally last 4-7 months when properly cured, softneck varieties will last longer and can store 6-12 months.

  • Each garlic discription will list the "typical" shelf life, and depending on how well the garlic has been cured and stored that life could be extended or diminished.

  • Garlic Gods offers a multitued of  sizes for each variety of seed, from 1/4 pound to 5 pounds. 

  • Bulb sizes range from 2 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. 

  • The largest bulbs are sent to the earliest orders (first come, first served).

A typical pound of seed could range from 4-12 bulbs depending on the variety and size.  The largest cloves usually grow the largest bulbs, but this can change depending on your growing conditions.  If you order more seed than you have room to plant in your garden, we suggest planting the largest cloves and eating the smaller cloves.

2020 Garlic has been harvested, is cured, and is now shipping!! Order Today!

Garlic planting guides for different growing zones

  • Zone 3-5:  plant garlic late September to early October - Hardneck garlics will grow best in these areas.

  • Zone 5-7: plant garlic middle to late October

  • Zone 7-9: plant garlic late October into November

  • Zone 9-10: plant garlic late October through December - Softneck garlics grow best in these growing areas

Garlic seed starting at $8.00

Garlic Gods offers both softneck and hardneck garlic. 

  • Softneck garlic grows well in warm, Southern climates, but can also grow well with winter temperatures down in the teens with a thick layer of mulch. ( will grow well in zones 5-10)

  • Hardneck garlics grow well in areas with cold, freezing winters and cool springs. (will grow well in zones 3-8)

Our Garlic is State Tested Annually and Certified White Rot Free 

Why should this matter to you?

We have all become very familure with quarantines spring of 2020. 


A quarantine is a state of isolation that lowers the chance that the disease could transfer. 

Idaho has been under allium quarantine law since the 1980's and each year Garlic Gods must have inspections from the Idaho State Department of Agriulture to verify that our garlic is clean and clear of disease and white rot.  White rot is the most dangerous and threatening of all garlic deseases, it is a fungus that is highly destructive and is responsible for major onion and garlic crop losses around the world.  Idaho is one of the United States largest producers of onions, and to protect the onion industry the allium quarantine was put into effect after a major breakout in the '80s. 

White rot can stay in the soil for 30-50 years, and can remain dormant almost indefinitely and could distroy individual plants, clusters, or entire fields. 

Once an infection occurs, garlic and other alliums can no longer be grown on that site.  Each order of Garlic Gods garlic seed will include a copy of the annual inspection to ensure it is clean, white rot disease free seed stock.

*Alliums include: onions, garlic, shallots, chives, leeks, and  scallions

Because of the allium quaratine, Idaho gardeners can only purchase garlic seed from an Idaho garlic grower, but you don't have to live in Idaho to buy our guaranteed white rot free garlic. 


Garlic Gods can ship to all 50 states

(additional shipping charges may be applied for customers in Alaska and Hawaii - if this happeds to be the case we will contact you before we ship).  We cannot ship to Canada.

  • Idaho has been under allium quarantine for nearly 40 years. 

  • Our garlic is inspected annually for multiple garlic diseases, white rot being the main concern. 

  • If you are looking for garlic seed for your garden remeber: 

 The only way to guarantee clean seed stock is to buy from a verified source. 


Garlic Gods offeres 6 Softneck varieties and 4 Hardnecks for 2020, we are growing 2 more varieties that we plan on adding in 2021.  The best way to make sure you receive the assortment of garlic seed you want to grow is to order early.  Some varieties are very limited and will sell out quickly.

Welcome to our farm

We are a farm based small busisiness committed to providing our customers with State Certified, Heirloom,

Non-GMO Garlic

We are working the same land that our great-great grandparents homestead in 1908. Through the years farming has undergone major changes.  Moving from small family farms to large corporate businesses.  

As our grounds stayed the same we needed to look into crops that could sustain us, allow us to remain on our land, and be abundantly aware of our soil and how it will continue producing quality food for the next generation.

Our farm was once traditional, as our father and grandparents farmed like their neighbors.  Those were the days of small farms, small equipment, and hands on EVERYTHING.  Today we are the non-traditional farmer, because we are STILL a small farm, with small equipment, and hands on farming.  You can still find us with hoe in hand, removing weeds the old fashion way.  We don't want harsh chemicals in our bodies, so we keep it out of the food that we grow.  

Glass Gem Corn

Beautiful flint style Indian corn grown in small production.  Hand inspected and harvested.  Options available for small to large garden spaces

Order Seed for 2021

This little corn seed has a big impact

  • The seed is tiny but the corn stalk will grow 8-10 feet tall and will produces 2-3 cobs

  • Fun for EVERYONE!  Adults, kids, teenagers, boys and girls - everyone loves opening this magical corn.

  • Non-GMO, heirloom corn

 Garlic Scapes


Harvested and available in June

A mild garlic flavor, use like garlic

Garlic scapes can be pickled, dried, or frozen to extend life





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