1/2 Pound (approx 1400 seeds)  Hand harvested, inspected, and packaged premium glass gem corn seed.  More seeds allow for better germination and pollination.  In order to get the brightest, most translucent coloring a cross pollination between corn stocks is required.  The more seeds planted, the better opportunity for plant development and pollination.  

1/2 Pound Glass Gem Seed

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  • Plant 2-3 seeds 1 inch deep in full sun.  Space seeds 6 inches apart with 30-36 inches between rows.  Use a block pattern rather than long rows 3X3, 5X5, etc. depending on space available.  Keep soil moist until seeds sprout (about 7-10 days) and then water 1 inch every week.

  • For the most brilliant, translucent gem coloring - let corn fully dry on the stalk before removing / harvesting.





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