50 Hand harvested, inspected, and packaged premium glass gem corn seed.  More seeds allow for better germination and pollination.  In order to get the brightest, most translucent coloring a cross pollination between corn stocks is required.  The more seeds planted, the better opportunity for plant development and pollination.  50 SEEDS IS RECOMMENED ONLY IF LIMITED ON GARDEN SPACE; THE MORE SEEDS THE BETTER CHANCE OF BRILLIANT COLORING.  If you purchase 50 seeds plant them closer together, and hand pollinated for best results.

50 Glass Gem Corn Seeds

  • Plant 2-3 seeds 1 inch deep in full sun.  Space seeds 6 inches apart with 30-36 inches between rows.  Use a block pattern rather than long rows 3X3, 5X5, etc. depending on space available.  Keep soil moist until seeds sprout (about 7-10 days) and then water 1 inch every week.  WITH THE PURCHASE OF 50 SEEDS YOU SHOULD SPACE PLANTS CLOSER TOGETHER, AND HAND POLLINATE FOR BEST RESULTS.

  • For the most brilliant, translucent gem coloring - let corn fully dry on the stalk before removing / harvesting.





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