Lorz Italian   

  • Hot and spicy
  • Pungency increases as it matures
  • This is a garlic lovers garlic!!
  • Stores 6 months 

Lorz Italian - 1/2 lb Culinary

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    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Do not store in refridgerator - it will start to sprout
    • Allow garlic to breath (do not place in airtight container or plastic)
    • For long term storage a cool, dark pantry or cupboard is the best option
  • These bulbs are ready to eat, and are the same variety and flavor as the seed garlic.  They are smaller bulbs, between 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches in diameter.  IF YOU PLANT CULINARY GARLIC YOU WILL MOST LIKELY END UP WITH SMALL BULBS, FOR THIS REASON YOU SHOULD EAT AND ENJOY THE CULINARY GARLIC THIS SEASON WHILE YOUR SEED GALIC IS PLANTED AND GROWING IN YOUR GARDEN.





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