• Pungent sweet flavor unique to the variety and one clove can offer enough flavor for a dish.
  • Rossa Di Sulmona is barely known outside the world of gourmet chefs. 
  • Often the forgoten ingredient in authentic Italian dishes. 
  • One of the only Softneck varieties to produce a scape.
  • Delicate taste without any hint of bitterness.
  • This garlic packs a fine, pungent punch, when a recipe asks for 1 clove you will only need 1 clove of Ross Di Sulmona garlic to get the flavor.
  • The bulbs are hardy and easy to grow.
  • Long shelf life.

Rossa Di Sulmona - 1/2 lb Culinary

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  • These bulbs are ready to eat, and are the same variety and flavor as the seed garlic.  They are smaller bulbs, between 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches in diameter.  IF YOU PLANT CULINARY GARLIC YOU WILL MOST LIKELY END UP WITH SMALL BULBS, FOR THIS REASON YOU SHOULD EAT AND ENJOY THE CULINARY GARLIC THIS SEASON WHILE YOUR SEED GALIC IS PLANTED AND GROWING IN YOUR GARDEN.





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