Four varieties of our most beautiful CULINARY purple garlics

Your senses will thank you.  Not only are all of these garlics full of flavor but they are all gourgous purple varieties; 2 hardneck and 2 softneck garlics.  Three culinary bulbs 1.5"-2" diameter of each "Glamourous" garlic type.  Ready to use this season without the rush to use it all quickly, the hardnecks should be used within 5-6 months and the softnecks will last up to 9 months.  If you have never seen any garlic other than the run of the mill grocery store variety, you won't want to miss this opportuinity. 

  • Chesnok Red - a sweet and mild softneck
  • Inchelium Red - a robust medium softneck
  • Persian Star - a medium hardneck
  • Purple Glazer - a sweet and medium hardneck

Glamour Garlic Pack






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