We package you 3 bulbs of 3 different varieties - famer's choice. (9 bulbs total)

These culinary bulbs are between 1.5"-2" diameter of each. Ready to use this season without the rush to use it all quickly, the hardnecks should be used within 5 months and the softnecks will last up to 9 months. Each variety will be clearly marked with the name, flavor profile, and storage life. Each pack will include one of each:

  • A mild garlic variety
  • A medium garlic variety
  • A hot / spicy garlic variety

Flavor Profile Pack 2

  • Weight may vary, depending on size of bulb.  We estimate the weight to be between 3/4 of a pound to just over a pound.  To help you save on shipping costs we guestimate the lighter weight.





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