Some areas have less extreme winters and summers and can easily grow both Hardneck and Softneck garlics.  This choice will be a combination of both hardneck and softneck garlics, but we encourage you to add your location (State and Zip code) so that we can verify product before shipping it out.

  • Combination of 4 different varieties (1/4 pound of each)
  • Farmers choice based on your USDA hardiness zone
  • If more than 1 pound is added to the cart then the varieties will be doubled, tripled, etc
  • Stores 4 to 10 months 


Pre-Order Combo Pack if you live in a climate mixed cold and hot

SKU: POcomboB
    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Do not store in refridgerator - it will start to sprout
    • Allow garlic to breath (do not place in airtight container or plastic)
    • For long term storage a cool, dark pantry or cupboard is the best option
  • Garlic Seed will be shipped out between September and October.  This order for galic seed is a pre-order for the 2020 season, and will not be shipped until garlic has been harvested, cured, and cleaned.





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