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Pre-Orders Now Open for Fall 2024 Seed Garlic
Shipping will begin in September

This is a PRE-ORDER for fall 2024 seed garlic.  Pre-Orders will begin shipping in September for Fall planting.  You will recieve an email to track your garlic when your order is shipped.


Rossa Di Sulmona is a favorite among gourmet Italian chefs, and is often considered the missing ingredient in authentic Italian dishes.


The garlic cloves are a beautiful burgandy held within thin white outer papers. When a recipe calls for 1 clove, then 1 clove will be enough with this variety.


A true garlic lover's garlic. One of the only softneck garlics to produce a scape. Many garlic braids made with Rossa Di Sulmona in Italy will have 52 bulbs, one for every week of the year, as a testament of its long shelf life.


Pungent and sweet. No hint of bitterness.


Stores 10-12 months

Rossa Di Sulmona

  • Produce large bulbs that will store for many months when properly cured. All seed is shipped as full bulbs, and will begin shipping in September for fall planting.

    Softneck variety garlics are often the best option for gardeners in warmer climates.  Plant in USDA growing zones 5-10, not recommened in very cold climates.

Seed Garlic

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