Save $10 when you buy one of our premium seed combo packs garlic.  This combo pack includes both 4  Softneck garlics, and was created for those gardenerns living in zones 9 and 10.  The Southern Living pack is a total weight of 2 punds and allows the gardener to try 1/2 pound of the following garlics:

  • Lorz Italian - Easy to peel softneck, very flavorful and robust, great for roasting
  • Inchelium Red - a taste test winner in the softneck division with a medium pungency
  • Susanville - our most popular softneck has a mild, rich, garlicky flavor
  • Early Italian Purple - Vigorous and widely adaptable softneck, produces many large bulbs; sweet and spicy 

Southern Gardens

SKU: Southern
    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Do not store in refridgerator - it will start to sprout
    • Allow garlic to breath (do not place in airtight container or plastic)
    • For long term storage a cool, dark pantry or cupboard is the best option
  • Garlic Seed will be shipped out between September and October.  This order for galic seed is a pre-order for the 2020 season, and will not be shipped until garlic has been harvested, cured, and cleaned.





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