Early Italian Purple   

  • Sweet and mild flavor
  • Great garlic to bake or roast
  • Braiding garlic - softneck
  • High yielding garlic - will produce small, medium, and large bulbs 
  • Grows well in Southern climates - adapts well to summer heat
  • Also grows well in Northern mild climates - may require mulch
  • Stores 9-12 months - known as one of the longest storing garlics

Wholesale Early Italian

Wholesale Options
  • Save an additional 5-10% see "Invoice" section for more information.

    • $17 per pound for weights 1-5 pounds
    • $16 per pound for weights 6-10 pounds
    • $15 per pound for weights 11-15 pounds
    • $14per pound of any weight over 16 pounds
  • Please email your orders so we can set up the invoice that works best for your company. 

    **All shipping costs will be in addition to wholesale garlic prices and will be invoiced once order has been mailed.**

    We have several invoicing options for wholesale garlic purchases:

    • Pay in full at time of order will receive an additional 10% discount.
    • Pay 50% at time of order, 50% to be billed at harvest; if paid before delivery receive an additional 5% discount off total order.
    • Pay 25% at time of order, 25% billed at time of harvest (July), and the remaining 50% when order is shipped; no additional savings.





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