Korean Red- Asiatic garlics typically have six to eight cloves per bulb in a circular configuration around a central scape. they are generally large bulbs with fat cloves. The bulb wrappers are firm and tight, with broad bold purple stripes merging into areas of solid purple. It is one of the first planted in the fall and the first harvested in the spring.   Asiatic garlics are know for their heat. This has a pure garlic flavor that is SPICY, rich, and deep. HOT! VERY HOT that it is in a class almost by itself. Makes a great flaor in Kimchee.

  • A deep flavored garlic that is rich and spicy - the flavor holds on the tougue
  • Best grown in colder Northern climates with cool springs
  • Hot and spicy
  • Hot, Very Hot!
  • Stores up to 6 months


Wholesale Korean Red

  • Save an additional 5-10% see "Invoice" section for more information.

    • $17 per pound for weights 1-5 pounds
    • $16 per pound for weights 6-10 pounds
    • $15 per pound for weights 11-15 pounds
    • $14per pound of any weight over 16 pounds
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    • Pay 50% at time of order, 50% to be billed at harvest; if paid before delivery receive an additional 5% discount off total order.
    • Pay 25% at time of order, 25% billed at time of harvest (July), and the remaining 50% when order is shipped; no additional savings.





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