Quarantined Seed Garlic

State Certified White Rot Free Garlic

What is a garlic quarantine?

  • The goal of the allium quarantine is to avoid the white rot fungal disease, which affects all alliums (garlic, onions, leeks, shallots).

  •   According to Idaho rules, all garlic farmers must be inspected white rot free annually before selling seed garlic.

Should I buy your seed garlic?

  • Garlic Gods can sell seed garlic in any state, including Idaho.

  •  All of our customers can be assured they are getting clean, inspected, and certified seed stock (complete with certification documents).

  • The best control options to avoid disease is to use disease free, clean, and certified seed garlic.

About white rot

  • White rot is a fungal disease and is the most serious and thratening of all garlic diseases.

  •  It can cause stunted growth, death of stem and leaves, and rotting of the entire bulb

  • The fungus is capable of remaining in the soil for decades, almost indefinitely, and rendering the soild unusable to any allium.

what is a garlic quarantine?

Quarantines are laws put in place to protect the garlic seed (bulbs) from being contaminated by diseases, mainly white rot that can stay in the soil indefinately and cause garlic bulbs and onions to turn into a rotting bulb. 


The shipping, sale, and planting of onions, garlic, and other allium family plants are governed by Idaho state quarantine laws overseen by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA).

With garlic, the goal of a quarantine is to avoid the fungal disease white rot, which affects onions and related crops, and can live in the soil for 30-40 years.  White rot is carried by water, wind, and farm machinery and can infect onion plants and garlic cloves / bulbs.  The only truly successful metod of control is prevention.  Idaho grows over 20,000 acres of commercial onions annually in the Snake River Valley, and white rot is a disease we absolutely want to avoid.

According to Idaho rules, farmers and gardeners living within the 21 quarantined counties, can only plant garlic bulbs or cloves that have been inspected and cleared as certified seed stock.


Garlic Gods has an annual inspection and sells fully certified seed garlic.

The only truly successful method of control is prevention. 

White rot prevention is guaranteed by the Idaho garlic quarantine.

should I buy your seed garlic?

Garlic Gods sells certified garlic seed stock to all 50 states

Garlic Gods offers certified garlic seed stock.  Every order is accompanied with a copy of the annual nursery inspection certifiacion from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  If you want a guarantee of clean garlic, with a large variety, then you will want to buy our seed garlic.  We can ship to our garlic to all states, including Idaho and Oregon.

about white rot

White rot is a serious disease of plants in the allium family, especially bulb onions, garlic, and leeks, caused by soil born fungus Stromatinia Cepivora, which can stay in the soil for many years.  White rot has a long survival period and can make crop rotation impractical.  Therefore it is extremely important to avoid introduction.  There are no chemical treatments against white rot.  The most effective controls for white rot are avoidance and sanitation by planting only clean seed stock from a known orgin.

If you have already grown onions, leeks, or garlic from a non-verified source and the white rot disease is observed, ceasing irrigation will minimize damage, but will not stop the spread of the disease.

Click here to read more about the biology, symptoms, and managment of white rot, as explained by a PH.D. crop specialist.






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