Softneck Seed Garlic

Softneck variety garlics are often the best option for gardeners in warmer climates and Southern states.  The "neck' remains soft and flexible at maturity and therefore is braidable.  Softnecks tend to store longer and have more (smaller) cloves than the hardneck garlics.

Hardneck Seed Garlic

Hardneck variety garlics are the best option for Northern gardeners, as they tend to be hardier than softnecks.  Hardnecks develop a long flowering stem or 'scape' which can be used as one might use green onions.  Big cloves make hardnecks easy to peel.

Garlic Scapes  SOLD OUT FOR 2020 SEASON

While in season, garlic scapes, are available each week from June 8-30, 2020.  Garlic scapes are the tender tops of the flower bud stem of hardneck garlic.  Scapes have a very limtited season and are harvested 2-3 weeks each year.  They are mild, sweet, and slightly garlicy in flavor.  Perfect grilled or made into a pesto. 

Culinary Garlic

Enjoy fresh gourmet garlic now.  This garlic is availble in all the same wonderful varieties as our seed garlic.  Are you having a hard time deciding which garlic you would love to grow?  Enjoy these smaller culinary bulbs throughout the winter as your garlic seed is growing in the garden.

Farm Store

Local farm fresh produce, eggs, pasture raised chicken, and other specialty products made and grown here on our farm.  Farmers market and specialty items available seasonally.

Sold Out for 2020

Sold Out for 2020

Sold Out for 2020

Sold Out for 2020





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