Softneck Garlic Seed

Softneck garlic seed should be considered if:

  • you live in warm or milder climates​ (zones9-10)

  • you live in warmer Northern climates, may require mulch over winter months (zones 5-8)

  • you want large bulbs

  • you want long storage (6-10 months)

  • you like relatively mild favored garlic.


Softnecks are the most commonly grown garlic.  They produce big bulbs with lots of cloves, and have long term storage.  Softnecks grow well in warmer / southern climates.


Early Italian

Early Italian is a great braiding garlic since it produces a combination of small, medium, and large bulbs at harvest.  The largest bulbs will be produced from the large outer cloves.  An early season softneck that has smooth white paper over purple tinted cloves. This is a great garlic to bake or roast.  Adapts well to summer heat, and is known for long storage when properly cured.

  • Sweet and mild flavor

  • Stores 9-12 months


One of our most popular softnecks.  Susanville has white skin with some occasional pink.  Mild, but a true garlic flavor that is great to roast.  Excellent early season garlic that harvest in late spring to early summer.  This is an early maturing garlic and can be enjoyed while most other garlics are still in the ground.  Grows large bulbs.  Large outer cloves can produce bulbs up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

  • ​Rich flavor

  • Moderately pungent

  • Stores 9 months

Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red is a taste test winner in the softneck division.  A great baking garlic.  Produces large bulbs, with over 3 inches in diameter possible.  Grows well in both Southern and warmer Northern climates.  Harvests in summer and stores well into winter.  A large, healthy garlic.

  • Rich, garlicy flavor

  • Medium pungency

  • Stores 6-8 months

Lorz Italian

Easy to peel softneck garlic is very flavorful and robust which make it perfect for roasting.  Lorz Italian has an excellent stand alone taste which works well in mashed potatoes and simple pasta dishes.  This white bulb has occasional purple and brown streaks.  Grows well in Southern and warmer Northern States, and prefers well drained soil.

  • Hot and spicy garlic

  • Stores up to 9 months

Early Italian Purple

Vigorous and widely adaptable.  Early Italian Purple is one of the easiest garlics to grow.  The bulb grows large with white outer skins and purple stripes.  Very tolerant of heat, yet also grows well in warmer Northern states with mulch.  One of our best producers, with many large bulbs.  Beautiful garlic that looks great displayed as a braid.

  • Sweet and spicy flavor

  • Stores 7-9 months

Rossa Di Sulmona

Rossa Di Sulmona is a favorite amoung gourmet Itailan chefs and is often considered the missing ingredient in authentic Italian dishes.  The garlic cloves are a beautiful burgandy held within thin white outer papers.  When a recipe calls for 1 clove of garlic, then 1 clove is all you will need of this variety.  A true garlic lover's garlic.  One of the only softneck garlics to produce a scape.  Many garlic braids made with Rossa Di Sulmona in Italy will have 52 bulbs, one for each week of the year, as a testament of its long shelf life.


  • Pungent and sweet

  • No hint of bitterness

  • Stores 10-12 months

Sorry - sold out for 2020

Softneck garlic varieties are the best option to grow if you live in warm or mild climate.  They don't form scapes and generally contain several small cloves per bulb.  They mature more quickly then hardneck varieties.  Softnecks tend to store better than hardnecks, so if you are looking for long-term storage, this type is the on to choose.  If you want to grow a similar garlic to that you find in the grocery store, than you want softnecks.  They are generally stocked in stores because of their long shelf life, and relatively mild flavor that is right for most recipes.

Softnecks can be grown in some cooler climates, but mulching may be required.  Garlic Gods is located in USDA zone 6a.  We reach temperatures into the high 90's in the summer, and as low as -5 in the winter.  Our softneck varieties grow great for our climate, but if you have longer, colder winters you should consider hardneck garlic seeds.

cards are charged at the time orders are placed even though garlic will not be mailed until fall of 2020 after garlic has been harvested and cured (Sept-oct)

Garlic seed is shipped as whole bulbs.  All seed garlic bulbs are a minimum 2 inches in diameter.  Minimum order of any one strain is 1/4 pound.  This may equal 1-3 bulbs, depending on variety and size of bulb.  Individual bulbs of any available varity can also be purchased in our "You Pick" option.

Our garlic is state certified to be white rot disease free.  We can ship to all 50 states, including Idaho and Malhure county, Oregon, as we grow our seed in the Quarantined Garlic region of Southern Idaho.  SORRY,  we cannot ship orders outside the United States.  Our garlic is guanteed to arrive in planting order, however we cannot guarantee our seeds will work well for you.  There are to many variables in each individual garden; soil condition, storage of seed at your residence, time of planting, and climate.  If you are unhappy with the garlic, within 30 days of recieving your seed order shipment and before planting, we will gladly replace or refund your order.  

Seed bulbs will be reserved based on the date orders are recieved.  First come, first served.  The biggest bulbs will be sent to the guests who ordered first.  We do our best to accuatly calculate how much seed of each variety we will have to sell, but we will not know the exact amount until we harvest and cure our garlic.  Sometimes we will run out before we anticipated and will substitue an order with a comparable strain.  If you DO NOT want a replacement varity, but would rather recieve a refund if we run out of a specific garlic seed, please specify that on your order.





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