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Meet The Garlic Gods

holding harvested garlic

geoffrey yockey

Geoff was raised on a small farm in Tennesse and moved to Florida as a teenager.  He started working in resturants where he found a love for food and decided to attend culinary school.

Geoff spent decades as a chef in fine dining facilities accross Florida's east coast, but always wanted to get back to his farming roots.

Geoff is very passionate about food.  In the kitchen or in the field, he spends his time, focus, and enery on always improving and always creating a better product.  He spends time with the soil, talking with experts, reading books and asking the most important question, 'How do we make this better?'

jana yockey

I am the fifth generation to farm the land that my great-great grandparents homesteaded in 1908.  My parents live in the same house that my Dad grew up in, and Geoff and I live less than 3 miles away, in Rupert, Idaho's "Magic Valley."

I love being outside, being with my family, and being surrounded by animals.  I love that I get to wear jeans and boots to work everyday and drag my dogs along wherever I go.

I have raised chickens for years, and love having fresh eggs.  Several years ago we also started raising passured chickens, for meat.  We also raise our own beef cows, pigs, and a large garden.

cleaned garlic in mesh bags
garlic farmers

When we were first married we talked about our future and  we both knew that we would eventually end up on a farm. 

We knew that we wanted to pursue farming, and we talked about many different specialty crops before deciding on garlic.

We knew we wanted to be hands on and bring a product directly from our farm to the consumer. 

We grow gourmet garlic, an heirloom crop.  We NEVER use pesticides, and we are always working to improve our crop, soil, varieties and availability

After years of searching, we were finally able to purchased a farm just a few miles from the original family homestead!  Please feel free to follow us on Instagram as we continue to grow our garlic farm dream.

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