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Certified White Rot Free

2024 Pre-Orders 
now open

Seed garlic pre-orders are for fall planting Shipping will begin in september

Sold Out

All pre-orders are for fall planting

Shipping will begin in september

Hardneck Garlic Seed

Hardnecks are a cold hardy garlic.  They produce big, easy to peal cloves and are known for their superior flavor.  The average storage is shorter for hardneck garlics, which store for 4-6 months.  For this reason it is advised to eat your hardneck varieties before the softneck garlic, which will keep you in garden fresh garlic for close to a year.  Hardneck garlics grow well in cold Nouthern climates.  Not recommended in extreamly warm climates.  Garlic Gods grow 6 varieties of harnneck garlic.  (Grows well in zones 3-8)

Softneck Garlic Seed

Softnecks are the most commonly grown garlic.  They produce big bulbs with lots of cloves, and have long term storage.  Softneck garlics grow well in warmer Southern climates, may also grow well in  warmer Northern climates with an added layer of protection (mulch).  Garlic Gods grow 6 varieties of Softneck garlic.  (Grows well in zones 5-10)

Ordering Garlic Seed

Pre-Orders for seed garlic begins early spring and shipping will begin in September for fall planting.  


It may seem crazy to order seed garlic in the spring when you won't plant until fall, but many varieties are limited and sell out quickly.  If there are specific types of garlic that you would like to plant, then ordering early is the best way to ensure you will receive those varieties. 


Over the last few years there has been an increase interest in returning to the American self-sufficient roots; gardening, canning, growing your own food, eggs, and meats.  Because of the increase demand, Garlic Gods expect to sell out of seed stock quickly this year.  We know that many people have never grown garlic, therefore each order will include detailed instructions on how to store garlic seed prior to planting, how to prepare soil, and planting instructions.  If you have additional questions please feel free to give us a call or send an email.

We are a hands on business; Your Garlic Gods farmers hand weed, harvest by hand, clean by hand, and package all seed on our farm by hand. 

Garlic Gods specializes in seed garlic.  We are inspected every year through the Idaho Department of Agriculture to be White Rot Free. Our garlic is planted in October and harvested the very end of June and early July.  The curing process takes 4-6 weeks, after which we clean the bulbs and begin shipping in September.  Most areas of the United States will plant garlic in the fall, between October and December (depending on your climate / USDA growing zone).  

We cannot refund your money after garlic is planted - NO EXCEPTIONS.  There are just to many variables in growing conditions of each garden.  If there is a problem with your garlic upon arrival, please call or email right away so that we can correct any problem before planting.  (208) 260-8966

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