Most garlic is planted in the fall.  As a general rule of thumb, garlic should be planted 3-5 weeks before the soil begins to freeze.  This gives the clove time to begin forming its root system, but not enough time to begin the upper growing which would expose the garlic to extream winter weather.  Gardeners that live in areas that reach temperatures below 10 degrees fahenheit should consider adding a layer of mulch (straw, leaves, hay, or grass) to help protect the garlic from extream weather and wind.  Many of the hardnecks are hardier and should be the first choice when choosing which garlic to plant.  

Before planting garlic should be seperated into individual cloves, and ideally the root should be plants down, so that roots can establish before the winter freeze.

Garlic is very hardy and can withstand frost, however if the plant begins to emerge prior to freezing animals in search of winter forage may eat it even if they have to dig through mulch.  Pre-orders will be mailed in the fall in the following order:

  • Alaska - Late August

  • Southern States - Mid to late October

  • All other States - September to October

Seed Garlic

Seed Garlic

We offer both Softneck and Hardneck variety garlics. This allows you, the gardener to choose the garlic seed that is best for your growing zone.  Garlic Gods grows in southern Idaho, zone 6a, we get snow and freezing temperatures in the winter with hot and dry summers.  We grow 6 varieties of hardnecks and 6 varieties of softnecks without any problems.  (Mulching garlic beds may be required depending on your winter conditions)

The world has become very familiar with quarantines in 2020, and it has been crazy.  Kids home from school, Disney closed, boarders closed, churches cancelled, and being told by government and world leaders to stay home for our safety, as well as the safety of others.  Social distancing can help slow, if not, contain the disease.

Southern Idaho has been in an allium quarantine for over 30 years.  The allium family, which includes onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, etc., has had a quarantine in place in Southern Idaho since the 1980's when a commercial onion grower came down with a bad case of white rot - a nasty fungus that can stay in soil for 30-50 years.  While all allium family plants can be infected with white rot, onions and garlic are the most susceptible.  Once white rot gets into a field or garden, you've got it almost indefinitely.  The more you grow onions or garlic, the more build up, the worse it gets.  That is why it is important to purchase clean seed stock, free of disease.

Garlic Gods has an annual (up to 3) inspection(s) each year to test and verify our garlic is white rot and disease free.  In order to grow garlic in the 21 Southern Idaho quarantine counties, a farmer must start with certified seed stock, and then continue to have yearly inspections through the Idaho Deptment of Agriculture to insure the purity of the garlic.  Due to the strict quarantine laws, Idaho gardeners can only plant garlic seed or onion sets from growers who have been inspected and cleared for planting within these same counties.   

Idaho gardeners are not the only ones who get to benifit from these laws.  Garlic Gods is able to ship seed to all 50 states, and each order will be complete with a copy of the current years annual inspection certification.  This lets you know it is clean seed stock, free of disease and free of white rot.  Take advantage of gourmet garlic seed stock that is grown in a quarantined area.  Order today!

Now accepting Pre-Orders for 2020 garlic seed

Garlic is a very hands on, very physical crop to grow - and we love every minute of it.  You can find us hand weeding our fields, hand harvesting, and hand inspecting our garlic.  Each bulb is inspected as it is pulled from the ground, hung to cure, cleaned after curing, graded by size and quality, packaged, and finally popped for fall planting.  We are a family business, and it is the family that inspects every bulb of seed garlic.

Our seed garlic ranges from 2 inches to 3.5 inches.  The bigger the bulb, the bigger the cloves.  We sell only the best bulbs for seed, which allows you to plant your garlic for your best garlic harvest.  

We grow in an allium quarantine area of Southern Idaho, which means all of our garlic meets strict guidelines before it is sold to our customers and fellow gardeners.  

Both hardneck and softneck garlics are available, so you can have the best gourmet garlic for your climate.





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