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Pre-Orders Now Open for Fall 2024 Seed Garlic
Shipping will begin in September

This is a PRE-ORDER for fall 2024 seed garlic.  Pre-Orders will begin shipping in September for Fall planting.  You will recieve an email to track your garlic when your order is shipped.


Porcelain hardneck garlic with rich, strong flavor that is not overly hot.  


Extreamly large bulbs.  Huge cloves that are easy to peel.  Approximately 4-6 cloves per bulb,  very popular garlic.


Medium spiciness.  Stores 4-6 months when properly cured.




  • Hardneck garlics are the best option for Northern gardeners, as they tend to be cold hardy and can withstand extreme winter temperatures.

    Suggested planting in USDA growing zones 3-8, not recommended in extreamly warm climates.

     All seed is shipped as full bulbs, and will begin shipping in September for fall planting.

Seed Garlic