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Water, Weed, Repeat

Weeding your garlic / garden

Weed control is one of the most overlooked areas of gardening, yet it is extremely important, and can quickly become a problem if you let the weeds get away from you - which can happen very quickly.

Gardeners that have mulched after planting will have an added layer of protection from weeds, as the sun won't be able to help germinate as many weed seeds. However, if you did mulch, you may want to consider pulling thick areas of mulch away from plants, as mulch can hold moisture and cause rot as bulbs continue to grow.

Weed control in garlic is critical since garlic is in the ground for 9 months. Some weeds germinate well in cool weather, while others germinate in hot weather, so garlic gets to enjoy the company of all weeds. Adding grass clippings to walking paths, or between rows in your garden is a great way to continually suppress weeds, while also adding organic matter that will breakdown over time.

Certified Naturally Grown

Garlic Gods never uses herbicides, and weed control has been the most time consuming activity of our growing season.

This year we decided to invested in a walk-behind, 2 wheel tractor, that will help us cultivate and conquer weeds throughout the season.

Follow us on Instagram to see how we continue to keep our fields weed free with the help of our new ‘Tilmor Power Ox

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